Stock Hinge Catalog

Here at Lyons Service and Supply Company, we use the highest quality metals possible, and offer competitive pricing. We are conveniently located for pick up and delivery, and we will ship the same day on orders before 12:00pm. No minimum order necessary, and we can do custom hinges upon request. We are distributors and (custom) manufacturers of continuous (Piano) hinges standard or custom for your applications.
Open widths ranging from .75" wide to 10.00" wide and up. Engineering for special applications available. Stocked hinges with and without holes in convenient 6 and 8 foot lengths. Pre-plated, Butt Hinges, and Galvanized. Applications ranging from computers, electrical enclosures, sheds, lockers, tool boxes, furniture, auto industry to aerospace plus many more. Credit Cards accepted!

We've found that for large and small needs alike, it's important to be equipped with an excellent understanding of the hinge terminology associated with industrial type hinges. Check out our Hinge Terminology page from Lyons Service and Supply Company.

Thickness ranging from: .025 - .035 - .040 - .050 - .060 - .074 - .090 - .120 - .187 - .250 - .375.